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How To’s

How-to: Creating the Ultimate Seafood Feast

Entertaining friends or family can be tricky at times!
You want to put on a nice spread but its hard to find the inspiration…
Fear not, we’ve put together some tips on how we would best construct a seafood platter.

There’s a couple of essentials required to bring a good feast together.
The general rules that we follow are –
– Seafood (of course)
– 2 Light salads
– Nice bread with quality butter
– Sauces

When accompanying a seafood feast, a couple of nice salads are essential.
Some of our go-to’s are a Kale & Grain salad, Fresh fennel and herb salad and a cold Asian style noodle salad with plenty of fresh herbs and crunchy fried shallots on top. Salad is an important part of the spread but should always accompany the seafood, not outshine it.

Bread is another fantastic component that shouldn’t be overlooked. A good piece of crusty bread, lathered in butter and then topped with a fresh prawn or some cooked crab – you can’t go wrong! Just be sure to choose something that has a soft inside and crusty outside. Texture is important!

Sauces! Sauces to dip and dress seafood can be both underrated and also overused. Choosing sauces to accompany fresh seafood need to be carefully considered. You’re best off with a sauce that’s light but also adds a good flavour and texture component. Mayonnaise based sauces are always a hit – Think of the classic seafood sauce. It’s so easy to make a fresh, flavourful sauce. It can be as easy as finely chopping up some fresh herbs, capers, lemon juice and black pepper then mix it with some neutral mayo such as Kewpie mayonnaise! Add a touch of your favourite chilli sauce in there for a spice hit and you’re good to go!

This combo of salads, bread, sauce and good quality seafood are always a winner and are a sure fire way to please your company when entertaining.