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Premium Australian seafood produced and sourced consciously, graded meticulously, and delivered directly.

Australian Bay Lobster Producers farm and source premium Bay Lobster and other seafood products. Based in the Northern Rivers, New South Wales, we strive to be leaders and pioneers in sustainable seafood operations including production, logistics and supply.
Australian Bay Lobster Producers are dedicated to the advancement of sustainable land-based aquaculture biotechnology and progressive Australian wild catch fisheries. Operating north of Byron Bay on repurposed cane land, ABLP are committed to sustainably producing unique lobster products in an environment that provides the highest levels of quality control, and risk management.
Bay Lobster are colloquially known as ‘Moreton Bay bugs’ or ‘bugs’ in Australia, and ‘flathead lobsters’ in other parts of the world. A number of slipper lobster species exist with discerning characteristics and taste profiles, however they are often categorised together and as ‘bugs’. This species (Thenus australiensis) has a larger average size than its counterparts and boasts exceptional flavours and aesthetics that can be attributed to its environment and diet.