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Australian Bay Lobster Producers

Australian Bay Lobster Producers Ltd (ABLP) is dedicated to the advancement of sustainable land-based aquaculture biotechnology and progressive Australian wild catch fisheries. Operating north of Byron Bay on repurposed cane land, ABLP are committed to sustainably producing unique lobster products in an environment that provides levels of quality control, and risk management that far exceed traditional aqua-farming.

From humble beginnings as a proprietary company with a small research team and family shareholding, to a fully disclosing Australian public unlisted company. ABLP have grown significantly over 25-years, with a current shareholding comprising Australian sophisticated and employee investors, a directorship of six members, and a workforce comprising over 60 staff.

ABLP was established to globally commercialise our proprietary patented process for breeding and producing Bay Lobster Thenus Spp, a slipper lobster species known in Australia as Moreton Bay Bugs. ABLP are at the forefront of biotechnology in aquaculture, growing Bay Lobster in a climate-controlled recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). Using these controlled environments, we will sustainably farm high quality lobsters, supplying to our domestic and international markets all year round.

After extensive infrastructure development, our facility now has a consistent and reliable supply of pristine seawater, which is crucial to the development of healthy livestock. This new water source, which was previously the limiting factor of our facilities production, is now free flowing and our livestock are thriving. Along with high quality water, the operations animal rearing activities require the hatching of high-quality larvae and ABLP work closely with fishers to source and maintain the healthiest brood animals across its supply chain.

Collaboration with these fishers has led to an opportunity for ABLP to source premium wild caught products to support our aquaculture endeavours. The fishers apply the same fishing and handling practices used for ABLP’s broodstock, to wild caught Bay Lobster. Using progressive fishing, handling, and packaging techniques is resulting in healthier animals, a presentable and high-quality product with versatile texture and flavours.