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Why Bay Lobster

Bay Lobster are colloquially known as ‘Moreton Bay bugs’ or ‘bugs’ in Australia, and ‘flathead lobsters’ in other parts of the world. A number of slipper lobster species exist with discerning characteristics and taste profiles, however they are often categorised together and as ‘bugs’.

We exclusively grow and source ‘Thenus australiensis’ from select regions along the east coast of Queensland. This species has a larger average size than its counterparts and boasts exceptional flavours and aesthetics that can be attributed to its environment and diet.

Unique and discernible, our farmed and wild bugs are branded as Bay Lobsterand delivered directly to restaurants and consumers. We provide a direct line of sight to the sources of our products so you can be assured that you’re receiving premium quality Australian produce.

We supply a select range of seafood and specialise in unique Bay Lobster products, including:

Farmed Soft Shell Bay Lobster

Exclusive to ABLP and unable to be replicated from the wild, our Soft Shell product boasts unique flavours and textures. The process for growing and harvesting our Soft Shell product is both precise and intricate. The ‘soft exterior shell’ allows the product to be cooked and consumed in its entirety, a recovery rate of 100%.

Our Soft Shell production is limited by our current water supply and as a result we are unable to offer the product at this time. We look forward to being able to do so in the near future!

Wild Hard shell Bay Lobster

Our Hard Shell Bay Lobster offering is wild caught along the South East and Central Coast of Queensland, Australia. We have collaborated with select fishers to develop progressive fishing, handling, and packaging methods resulting in a consistent high quality product. Our Hard Shell Bay Lobster is graded into 4 sizes and is offered as live and raw frozen, we also offer the extracted tail meat from the Hard Shell Bay Lobster in various sizes. This is an extremely versatile product that can be cooked using various methods, in a range of cuisines.

Our Wild Hard Shell Bay Lobster is currently available to local retail and restaurant customers. Click here to shop.