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How To’s

How To: Remove Cooked Bay Lobster Meat

Always be careful of the spiny shells when handling.

Step 1

To remove the head, cut the membrane on the underside that connects the head and tail with the tip of a knife or kitchen scissors, which will allow for easy separation of the head from the tail.



Step 2

Repeat for the topside, then hold the head and tail firmly in each hand and twist to remove the whole tail from the head.


Step 3

To remove the tail meat from the shell, hold the tail firmly facing upwards. Using kitchen scissors, snip along both sides of the tail, cutting the hard shell as close as possible to where it joins the soft belly membrane. Gently remove the entire membrane section.


Step 4

Gently pry the meat from the shell. Note that cooked tail meat is firmer and easier to remove in one piece compared to raw tail meat.







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